Alan Lam, Yam & Pe

Our firm was established in 1982 with a multi-disciplinary practice. We have developed expertise in a wide range of professional legal disciplines. We pride ourselves in our ability to flexibly and creatively provide high quality legal services to our corporate and private clients.

Niche Practice

In keeping with the changing times, we have evolved into a niche law firm specializing in corporate and commercial practice catering to multinational and local clients and providing strategic advice to high net worth entities and investors.

Presence in the PRC

Our firm was one of the first 12 international law firms world-wide licensed by the Ministry of Justice of the People’s Republic of China to establish a foreign branch office in Shanghai in September, 1993. Our long presence in the PRC has given us the opportunity to work with various leading PRC law firms in rendering PRC law and business related advice.

Our Philosophy and Approach

Here at Alan Lam, Yam & Pe, Solicitors, we are committed to providing you with quality legal services that meet your expectations and respect your individual needs, whether you are a local company, a large public corporation, a small business, or a private client.

Our clients are at the heart of our practice. We go beyond understanding the legal issues they face- we also appreciate their business and personal challenges, so that we can deliver the most personal and practical solutions possible.

Association with Wong Poon Chan Law & Co and AH Lawyers

Since 2013, we have been in association with the leading law firm, Messrs. Wong Poon Chan Law & Co., which has expanded our ability to provide cogent advice to clients throughout Asia. We are also in association with AH Lawyers, an association which likewise allows us to best cater to the diverse needs of our clients.

Our Fees

The professional services we provide are accessible because of our competitive and reasonable fees. Other than our conveyancing transactions and shareholders agreements, our fee arrangements are generally on a time-spent basis. We always keep our clients informed of the fees we charge, and we remain accountable by detailing our expenses.

Our hourly rate is determined by the expertise and experience of the staff involved. We also offer a blended hourly rate that accommodates our most senior and junior staff. Our efficiency and provision of timely solutions also guarantee our clients that their money is being well-spent.