China-Appointed Attestation

Documents emanating from Hong Kong which require attestation and authentication for use in Mainland China should be prepared by a China-Appointed Attesting Officer (Attesting Officer). These are qualified Hong Kong lawyers appointed by the Ministry of Justice of the People’s Republic of China after passing prescribed examinations.

After an Attesting Officer verifies that the documents presented are authentic and legal, and attests them, the documents are presented to the China Legal Service (H.K.) Limited for further authentication, registration and transfer.

The following documents may require attestation by an attesting officer:

  • Declarations
  • Certification & witnessing of execution of legal documents
  • Certification of originals or duplicates
  • Certification of Company Documents/information e.g., Company particulars, Resolutions, Corporate Shareholders
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Documents for litigation or alternative dispute resolution in Mainland China
  • CEPA Certification

Our Service

Alan Lam has been a China Appointed Attesting Officer since October 1995. He has a wealth of experience attesting a wide range of legal documents for use in Mainland China.

Our fee guide is below:

China Attesting ServiceCost in HKD
Authentication of Document1,500
Corporate Power of Attorney3,500
Proof of limited company3,000
Proof of unlimited company2,500
Document proof (Original or Copy)1,500
CEPA Declaration3,500
Personal Authorisation1,500
Gift Deed1,800
Financial Guarantee2,000
AdoptionMin 1,500 
Estate SuccessionMin 3,500
Disclaiming Succession Min 3,500
Marital ConditionMin 1,000

Please note that the fee schedule is provided as a guide only- actual fees may differ from those above. We also charge stamp duty fees, administrative fees and other out-of-pocket expenses in relation to the attestation. Additional fees will be charged for processing any additional annexures or documents ancillary to any of the above listed document(s). The Fees for any other China attestation services not listed above are dependent on the complexity of the service rendered and the time spent.

Please contact us with your China-Appointed Attestation needs.